About Us

Leadership Team


Jeff Williams
Lead Pastor

Joe Statton
Executive Pastor

Dave Hughey
Associate Pastor

Jon Skelley
Minister of Music

Ryan Ingold
Discipleship Pastor

Kay Carter
Lead Pastor's Assistant

Toni Blackwell
Executive Pastor's Assistant

Kim Bailey
Associate Pastor's Assistant

Cyndi Wilkerson
Music Ministry Assistant
Mary Shuler
Discipleship Pastor Assistant



Susie Shumaker
Director of Weekday Center

Lisa Cobb
Weekday Center Assistant

Minister to Preschoolers

Aleta Gray
Interim Minister to Preschoolers

Mandy Horton
Preschool Ministry Assistant

Shay Caldwell
Minister to Children

Paige Cate
Children's Ministry Associate

Holly Beckwith
Children's Ministry Assistant




John Caddy
 Minister to Students

Rob Dunning
Associate Student



Cindy Fleming
Student Ministry




Patrick Henry
Community Life Pastor

Alan Greenwood
Recreation Ministry


Carley Secrest
Recreation Ministry




Doug Shelby
Facilities Manager

  Minister to College/Communication

Doug Fulton
 Minister to Singles

Linda Pierce
Singles and Senior Adult Assistant

Renee Bond
Minister to Women

Peggy Hays
Womens Ministry Associate


Max Pyron
Minister to Senior Adults
 and Pastoral Care

Tori Carver
Financial Assistant

Rosanne Ramer
Receptionist/Church Clerk

Music Associates

Jeremy Raines
Associate Minister
of Music

Tony Terry
Staff Music Arranger

Pam Wessel
Church Pianist


Media and Publications


Linda Bennett
Director of

Television Ministry

Mike Fleisher
Media Associate

Brittany McClain
Graphic Design Director

Garry Upton
Publications Manager