We are looking for team members to creatively engage our community in worshiping Jesus, pointing people to the Gospel in all we do. If you are skilled in singing, playing guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards, we would love to have you serve by joining our team. The audition process is casual, and we desire to develop musicians and leaders of all ages. Start the process by filling out the form application below, and we will contact you shortly with the next steps.

Here’s a quick preview of the process to serving on the worship team:

PREPARE: After auditioning, you will join our team during practice times and learn how to prepare your musical parts and heart for leading others in worship.

PLAY: After attending several practices and committing to the team, you will be placed on a regular schedule to serve and play on Sunday mornings, with advance notice of songs and dates.

PRODUCE: After joining the team, we will all invest in other team members and younger generations by training new recruits, producing quality music, and writing and recording new songs for our community.


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